Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Course Passed

Ok so we have been rather slack - for myself, in the time since I last posted I've moved to Masterton and passed a Level 3 Professional Cooking Course at the Wairarapa Campus of UCOL. But we're back baby and better than ever.

I'm just going to note in passing that the debate about arming Police Officers is on again - it seems to come about every time an Officer is shot. How about we end it quickly before the next time to mourn a situation where if the Officers had been armed the confrontation with criminal elements would have gone quite differently or not taken place at all.

I'll assume that almost no one is watching this blog as it has been dormant the last few months, but we're definitely going to work on building a readership again over the next wee while.


  1. A friend recommended your blog just yesterday, so I assume you still have a small readership. If I may say so, what little I have read is well written and I would encourage you to continue.