Friday, January 10, 2014

Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be Politicians

"A career in Politics basicallly consists of a career in attempting to get other people fired. 

If you're an MP, then you are trying to get other MPs fired. If you are not an MP, but are a candidate, then you are trying to get MPs fired so that you may become one. If you're in Opposition, you want Ministers fired. If you're a Nat Minister, then you want your workforce fired. (c.f MFaT restructuring) If you're in ACT, you want most of the state sector AND your predecessor as Leader fired. 

And if you're in a political party (just about *any* political party), you will be spending considerable and capacious amounts of time attempting to get your own comrades, workmates, underlings and overlings fired. 

So, in sum ... Parents, if you want your offspring to grow up happy, healthy, of sound mind and secure prospects ... don't let them get into politics.

But if you want them to grow up to be bad wo/men, dangerous men , sad men, paranoid men, and vituperative, vindictive, and vexatious men ... men who are, in short, entirely unbothered by playing merry hell with the lives of others for points of personal, political, or principle ... then tell them to become Politicians. 

And proud." - Curwen.

[Ed.Note: this is resyndicated material from my Fb, and originally appeared on the 8th of January] 

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