Friday, October 10, 2014

My Shortest Blog Ever

Earlier this week, FailOil penned a piece criticizing, among other things, my bowmanship. He then added insult to injury by misspelling my name (again), and inaccurately stating I'm no longer on NZ First's Board of Directors. He wishes! The final barb was his description of my TDB output as "TL;DR". (and yes, it frequently is. Working on it)

With that in mind, I've taken his editorial criticism on board, and produced my shortest blog ever.

It's subtitled "Ways FailOil has Improved New Zealand". And I could only think of one and a half:

> Inadvertently helping to expose the #DirtyPolitics imbroglio slash fiasco; and showing New Zealand exactly what sort of cretinous calumniate the National Government is prepared to work with when it comes to hacking at and smearing its opponents.

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